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Bleeding Heart Candy

bleeding_heart.jpgMovies have made drinking blood and eating flesh, a thing of awe and some people even like this. For kids, who love watching horror movies, a simple red jelly or a candy that colors their tongue red will simply fascinate them with thoughts that they have done something really devious, like that of acting like a vampire.

The bleeding heart candy is nice way to play a prank by a kid giving it to his girlfriend on Valentine’s Day. The bleeding heart is a gummy candy that is the color of flesh, with dimensions of 3.5 x 2.75 inches and weighs 4 oz. This candy is the flavor of wild berry and is sweet as well as little tangy. The bleeding heart is filled with squishy candies containing liquid candy blood. So, as a person bites into the heart, it begins to bleed. For those would like to have some extra blood splattered around their mouth when eating, there is also a small tube of candy blood that comes with the bleeding heart. This blood is about 0.2 oz and is sour cherry flavored to give you a feeling of grotesque while you have it with the heart. The candy heart comes packed just as the packed human organs that you see in the hospitals. It comes in a white polystyrene dish with a tube of candy blood by its side, which is all wrapped up in a transparent cover.

This makes an ideal prank gift to give a kid, by saying that this is a real human heart of a very sweet person. Then you can name someone who is close to that kid and say that he asked the doctors to send his heart to you when he died, you can then unwrap the heart in the dish and pour the candy blood over it and offer it as dessert with a knife and fork.

The bleeding heart is a really good prank candy which has been made to be as life-like as possible, so if you want to pick up one of these, then it is definitely a good idea that will make a person’s stomach churn.

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