Fruit Candies

cherry_candies.jpgSome say that, 'Life is just a bowl of cherries'. Cherry candies make your journey more tantalizing with its juicy and wonderful taste. You can choose your favorite cherry candies from the delicious


Occasional Candies


Welcoming New Year with Candies

For starting the New Year with a huge bang, New Year's candies go a long way. You can celebrate the occasion with fun chocolate and candy treats. Many candies with assorted colors and mix up things are available for welcoming the New Year with a sweet taste. If you want to spend your New Year in a formal way, then you can have Gummi Penguins or Black Tie Jordan Almonds. Read more...


Celebrating Christmas with Candies

Many different types of Christmas candies are available which give the most delicious aspect to the Christmas celebrations and holidays. There are various Candies for Christmas right from cordial cherries to candy canes and even some have the most discerning tastes.


Perfect Candies for Easter

Celebrating the Easter season with the delicious and different Easter candies is a good idea. Easter is the biggest festival of springs which is hugely celebrated with Easter candy treats. There are various Easter candies which can stock your baskets with delicious Cadbury eggs, chocolate bunnies, fluffy marshmallow peeps and novelty Easter candy. Read more...


Halloween Candies

Halloween candies are not liked by all the people who love candies but they are liked by a considerate amount of candy lovers. These candies aren't bad if taken in small amounts but its excess consumption is bad. Some of the Halloween candies are even delicious, if taken in large amount they can't be so great. Many Halloween parties are enjoyed all year round developing the new spirit of Halloween holidays.


Themed Candies

  • Jelly Beans

  • Jam filled Candy

Jelly Beans


Going back to 1976, there was a candy distributor in Los Angeles who had the wonderful idea of Jelly Beans, which he passed on the one of the best candy makers that is today known as

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Jam filled Candy


Jam filled candies have been very popular with children for a long time now. In some places of the world, jam is known as jelly even though the two are distinct.

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Honey filled Candy

People have enjoyed candies for a long time now and there has been a history of people making sweets all through the world.

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Creamy Chocolate Candy

When it comes to chocolate candies, people think of candies, which you are just to put in your mouth and let it melt.

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Mouth Coloring Candy

A kid playing with candy is often associated with his full mouth being colored and this is what kids thoroughly enjoy but imagine if a boy

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Candy Corn

Candy Corn is the candy version of dried up corn kernels. Candy Corn is considered to be a type of "mellow cream", which is a name given to a

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Tootsie Roll

Tootsie Roll is brand of chewable candy that is being manufactured in United States for over a hundred years since 1896.

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